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Update v1.5

there you go:

250 mb

added features:
radar added, works finecharged translocator - 5 discs - ballthrow penalty -ballpass advantage = same in ut2k4twintombs improvedlocking sign changedball has lifespan 20 seconds fixed bugs:
Lock fail sound fix neededballpass could get stuck, needs lifespan then resettranslocator infinite right nowweapon switch on ball launcher taken possibleteleport after balllauncher taken possibleLocking sign needs to be deleted after a pass if this version runs well on online server, it is the prototype version, i also updated all mutators

edit: some small bugs occur, which i fix if i got time. Until then u can testplay it on Fair-Gamers Server

small bugs:
-ballannouncer audio needs serverwide function -done
-lock sound clientside teammember doesnt appear -done
-radar serverwide needs serverwide function -done, implemented in HUD now
-tl more far -done
-tl less cooldown -done
-ballthrow more far -done
-ballpass hig…

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