Currents bugs occur

  • Disco fixes: texture top, meshcollision walking path, slidingpart in middleroom, sign collision, , ball reset announcer?
  • Anubis fixes: goal scoring announcer, add reedemer
  • adren in config menu not yet working
  • restart additional health doesnt work
  • warmup transfers adrenaline?
  • double score possible if player recieves pass directly in goal
  • ball can bug and disappear 
  • after a score a weapon bar bug can happen and players have all weapons
Not bugs but occure:
  • player can see teammates trough wall - reason: EpicGames intended
Features coming:

bot support
no adrenaline by config menu
new map

For iBR: spawn with bomb launcher 0 ammo should be TL, on throw switch to TL but should be rifle, delete ammo, shield, health on maps

hud improvement
Improved locking mechanic > maybe wider
Improved announcer
more maps
less weapon impact
better shock rifle impact
maybe addiontal gadgets like a static Shield for 10 seconds, enemy radar confusing
Improved translocator, not happy with it
Database to website
Playercard with detailed stats
UT4 movement BR map

Kills, Deaths, Kill-Death-Rate
Balltouches, Ballposession-time - Ballpossesion-rate team, Ballpossesion-rate overall
Ballpasses, Succesfullpasses, Passrate
ball shots
Intercepted passes, Inercepted pass rate (get all passes of other team)
adrenaline pills overall, speed used, most possible speedtime not used
ball lost.
killed carrier
goal chances 3, 7
passing direction, tempo, forward play

ball posession rate


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