Download current version:

Install it this way first. Then u can play online or offline

Download on your pc:

Put the .pak file in this folder, then it is ready for play offline or for joining a bombingrun server:


*username is your windowsprofile name

You can test it choosing Play > Custom Single Player Match > Custom > Bombing Run

For Admins make a new gamemode in your server .ini and ruleset. You can also use UTCC.

For developing:

U can unpack this file with Unrealpak.exe, downloaded by the UnrealTournemantEditor or UE4Editor. It contains all files and maps for UT4BR so far:

How to unpack the .pak file:
-Go to: *\Epic Games\UnrealTournamentEditor\Engine\Binaries\Win64
-You should find a Unrealpak.exe
-Copy the .pak file into this folder
-On Win10 press shift+rightclick in the folder
-choose PowerShell-Window (It's just dos-window opend in this folder)

.\\UnrealPak.exe BR-TwinTombs-WindowsNoEditor.pak -extract D:\BR-TwinTombs-WindowsNoEditor

For -extract you can choose the destination folder you want it to be
All files should be located there

*older version of the game, still has the core items
.rar download:!ZFVy1DJY!t-Gb9rkh8WBLF-9BKBUIalo2q_iR2Kgu0_u1rlexjSM

It contains these items right now:


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