Download current version:

Install it this way first, if the server has no redirect. Then u can play online or offline

Download gamemode:

Put the .pak file in this folder, then it is ready for play offline or for joining a bombingrun server:


*username is your windowsprofile name

You can test it choosing Play > Custom Single Player Match > Custom > Bombing Run

For Admins make a new gamemode in your server .ini and ruleset. You can also use UTCC.

The gamemode runs as mutator. So you put Map and Gamemode in the SAME folder. The gamemode will override the files inside of the map, needed for the mod.
The ruleset can be found on UTCC

You need to activate the mutator, if you have a server called "BombingRun". On hubs the host, which is making the gameinstance, needs to choose this mutator.

"gameOptions": "?GoalScore=100?mutator=BombingRun",

You can also find a default ruleset here and modify it:
normal ruleset

For developing:

U can unpack this file with Unrealpak.exe, downloaded by the UnrealTournemantEditor or UE4Editor. If you wanna help modding, modeling, mapping etc, just hit me up.


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