Download current version:

Install it for offlineplay first

Download on your pc / redirect on your server;

For offlineplay put the .pak file in this folder, then it is ready for offline play:


*username is your windowsprofile name

You can test it choosing Play > Custom Single Player Match > Custom > Bombing Run

For onlineplay make a new gamemode in your server .ini and ruleset. You can also use UTCC.

you need to download it here first and install it offline way as described here to play it online 

For developing:

U can unpack this file with Unrealpak.exe, downloaded by the UnrealTournemantEditor or UE4Editor. It contains all files and maps for UT4BR so far:

How to unpack the .pak file:
-Go to: *\Epic Games\UnrealTournamentEditor\Engine\Binaries\Win64
-You should find a Unrealpak.exe
-Copy the .pak file into this folder
-On Win10 press shift+rightclick in the folder
-choose PowerShell-Window (It's just dos-window opend in this folder)

.\\UnrealPak.exe BR-TwinTombs-WindowsNoEditor.pak -extract D:\BR-TwinTombs-WindowsNoEditor

For -extract you can choose the destination folder you want it to be
All files should be located there

*older version of the game, still has the core items
.rar download:!ZFVy1DJY!t-Gb9rkh8WBLF-9BKBUIalo2q_iR2Kgu0_u1rlexjSM

It contains these items right now:


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