Double Jump Mutator:

What it does: It executes on Server before game started and replaces the DefaultPawn with DodgePawn. It will be casted to UTGameBaseMode, which is the foundation for every gamemode in UT4. So it doesn't matter if you play ctf, dm or custom gamemode, as long as it has a parent to a UTGameMode.

DodgePawn has DefaultCharacter as Parent, so the only thing, that is changed is the Max Multi Jump option, which allows you to doublejump. You can modify this option for more jumps. It is possible to add "Max Multi Jump" to the UI before you start match and change the setting there. Could come on the next update somewhen - Yes, this enables UT2k4 movement with dodge-jump and wall-jump

Mut instagib for BR / iBR:

Mutator: "MutiBR"  Modified instagib-mutator. It enables BR-Tanslocator and balllauncher and instagib rifle. Works fine. *Note: this requires the Bombing Run Mod

Mut Charged Translocator:

Mutatorname: "ChargedTrans"

charged translocator: 5 discs, 2 second ammo recharging time

What it does: It clears the inventory of UTTeamGameMode, so no addional translocator appears. Then it adds the basic rifle and chargedtranslocator to default inventory.

Works fine with ctf and bombing run.


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